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People who are injured in an accident in British Columbia, whether in a car accident or other kind of accident, are often not well informed of their rights. "What claim do I have and against whom?" is a question lawyers are frequently asked. The basic answer comes down to whether or not the accident is the fault of someone else.

If, for example, a car accident is the fault of another person, then the injured person has a claim against the person at fault. Such claims are often the subject of law suits brought by the injured party and the courts are then faced with the job of trying to figure out how much money should be paid to an accident victim. Generally speaking, accident victims can recover money for their pain and suffering, income loss and out-of-pocket expenses caused by the accident.

Where the accident is caused by the person suffering an injury or the accident cannot be blamed on anyone, the person injured often receives no compensation even though that person has also suffered wage loss, out-of-pocket expenses and pain from injuries. However, in the case of a motor vehicle accident, ICBC will cover certain expenses of a person injured, whether or not the accident was the fault of someone else. These are generally referred to as "no fault benefits" and provide some coverage for such expenses as physiotherapy, chiropractic as well as some coverage for wage loss.

ICBC HAVE A POLICY OF NOT PAYING PERSONAL INJURY CLAIMS IN ACCIDENTS THAT THEY CATERGORIZE AS "LOW VELOCITY IMPACTS". However, the courts in British Columbia have consistently held that damages are recoverable even if there is minimal damage to the vehicle.